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About Us

Who We Are at Local Cleanup Specialists

Local Cleanup Specialists is a company founded in Green Bay with the intention of serving our Green Bay neighbors. We deliver quality carpet cleaning, water damage, water restoration, and mold remediation services on a daily basis to victims of damage and business owners. Whether you are dealing with the aftereffects of a devastating fire or simply need the rafters of your commercial warehouse cleaned, we offer unmatched quality cleaning services.

Our goal is to restore or maintain the cleanliness of your home or business. We are humans first, and we treat our clients with respect and appreciation of the stress they are under. When you call us, we respond like members of your community. We may provide a service but we also offer a shoulder to lean on as your neighbor. Our certified technicians can fix broken houses that are water damaged, fire damaged, storm damages, or mold damage. We are often called in at the worst time in our client’s lives, but we leave with new friends and experiences that shape our service.

Our Vision

To serve the greater Green Bay community the way they deserve. Our team doesn’t mess around when it comes to loss mediation. We get on location and start working alongside other first responders on the team. We don’t see a client or a house, we see memories and loss and we work our hardest to prevent any more secondary damages from occurring. Unlike most service providers, we don’t want to leave your home or business the way we found it, we want to leave it noticeably better than we found it.

Our mission is clear

To provide straight-forward, unmatched, high-quality water restoration, mold mediation, carpet cleaning, and overall property cleaning services. We want to be your first and only call after an emergency occurs.

We are a local family owned business, our family has been in town around 40 years so we are true Green Bay locals that cares about our clients and our community. Local Cleanup Specialists is a multi-service corporation specializing in water and mold remediation, structural drying, odor abatement as well as commercial and residential mitigation specialists. We are professionals when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, power washing and high dusting, oriental and fine rug cleaning, mattress maintenance cleaning, and green cleaning.

We provide a thorough, professional cleaning service, so can have a clean healthy happy home or business. We want to give our customer the peace of mind that their emergency will be overcome and we will mitigate the problem. We want to teach them to think of the big picture when solving the immediate problem. This in turn will deliver the highest quality customer service to our commercial and residential clients.

Meet the Man Inside the Cleaning Suit

Owner Nick Cricks grew up in the cleaning business assisting his mom with her Electrolux Vacuum and Floor Scrubber sales. His job was to clean while she marketed the models. Many decades have passed since then, but Nick is still cleaning homes and improving the quality of life for fellow neighbors all over Green Bay. When he was 19 he started cleaning for St. Mary’s Hospital which taught him how to clean grout, tile, and carpet effectively. He then moved onto acquiring his first truckmount he opened his first cleaning business: Cricks Cleaning Company.

Nick expanded his company and eventually sold it to his brother with the intent to retire. However, he quickly realized he was a hero without a purpose. Offering emergency cleaning services is what Nick was born to do, so a few years ago he started up Local Cleanup Specialists and is back in his rightful position of helping his neighbors get back on their feet.

Green Bay Buzz on Our Company

One of the major reasons that Nick returned to the emergency cleaning service field is because his customers couldn’t deal with his departure. He regularly heard from clients who became friends. No one could match his services. Our customers are happy with the compassionate and timely cleaning and restoration services we offer. We have truly become a company that can be relied on in uncertain times.

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What We Do

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Restore carpet and upholstery with our heavy-duty Green upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Grime and dirt are no match for our cleaning experts.

Mold Remediation

Mold can and will affect your home and health. We have over 20 years of mold assessment and mitigation. Before it continues to spread, call us for a free home inspection.

High Dusting

Rafters are notorious for holding dust, grime, and debris that is unhealthy and unattractive. Our high dusting services can clean up your business or home safely and efficiently.

Pressure Washing Services

Increase the curb appeal of your home or business instantly with our professional level pressure washing service. We wash off grime and dust in minutes. Call today for service details.

Water Restoration Services

Wood, carpet, drywall, and furniture. If items remain in water they will split, crack, bleed, and grow mildew and mold in humid conditions. We extract water and quickly dry the structure to prevent secondary damage.

Sewer Damage Cleanup

Dirty, stinky, and disgusting are just a few words that describe sewer damage. Our water and sewer restoration services will remove odor and will clean and sterilize affected areas.

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