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Biohazard Cleanup Service

The last thing anyone wants to see on their front door is the well-known biohazard symbol. It practically screams “DANGER! DON’T ENTER!”

Unfortunately, incidents happen that create biohazard situations.

Sewage backups are most common. Beyond their simple grossness, these foul liquid intrusions smell terrible and can carry harmful bacteria.

Other biohazard scenarios are rarer, yet more traumatic. Suicides. Crime scenes. Accidents. Unreported deaths where bodies lie for days, if not longer. Extreme accumulation houses. Chemical spills.

Discovering any of these is bad enough. Cleaning up the aftermath, and restoring a property to a safe, clean condition, can seem unfathomable.

Local Clean Up Specialists understands. Our biohazard professionals are experts in safely removing biological and chemical contaminants, such as sewage, blood, tissue, bodily fluids, and residue from fingerprint powder and fire extinguishers. All are disposed of in compliance with environmental and safety laws. Complete cleaning and decontamination of the area follows.

As importantly, our teams treat you with utmost respect and sympathy. We understand that anguish from a traumatic incident lingers long after the clean-up.

If the unwelcome occurs, keep one name in mind: Local Clean Up Specialists. Call 920-371-2987, and we’ll dispatch a team within an hour.

At a time like this, you’ve got enough on your mind. Leave the dirty work to us. Biohazards are never pleasant … but they occur. We promise to work as hard as possible to keep unwelcoming signs off your doors.

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