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Chronic Disorganization

Hoarding is a popular topic on some TV reality shows.

For anyone who’s dealt firsthand with a extreme accumulator house in Green Bay, WI, the subject is anything but entertaining.

Most people discover a unclean situation by accident. They visit a relative, and find a trash-filled, debris-strewn mess. The phone rings – it’s emergency responders who were called to a loved one’s home, and could barely get inside. Or, a hospitalized relative is scheduled for discharge, and inspecting social workers find their home unfit for habitation.

If this is you, you’re probably in shock – and completely unsure how to manage a unclean situation that might be a toxic stew of garbage, mold, animal waste, rotting food, mice, insects and piled-up belongings.

The best advice is: Don’t even start. Instead, contact the property clean up professionals at Local Clean Up Specialists. We’ve seen the worst in extreme cleaning, and returned homes to a clean, livable state.

Extreme accumulator houses can be dangerous. Mold, bacteria and vermin often lurk. Breathing can be difficult, due to stifling odors and airborne spores. Specialized clothing and equipment is often needed. In short, it’s not a task for the untrained, or unsuspecting.

Don’t put you, or your loved ones, at risk. If you’re facing a house cleanup, lock the door and call Local Clean Up Specialists, 920-371-2987.

This is real life. No cameras are showing up. Unlike a TV show, you can’t just change the channel. With Local Clean Up Specialists as your partner, though, you can at least look forward to a happy ending.

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