Extraction & Drying/Dehumidification

Drying things out after water damage or a flood.

Most building materials are porous. It’s why water so badly damages homes and other properties.

Wood, drywall, flooring materials … they all hold water. A soaked carpet, or stained wall or ceiling, is just the tip of the iceberg after a flood, fire or severe storm.

Chances are that moisture has sunk deep into the surrounding surfaces … and complete, total drying and water extraction is the critical “must-do” first step to restoring your property.

As a full-service water damage company in Green Bay, WI, Local Clean Up Specialists employs the most modern inspection, drying and extraction technology in every water damage restoration. Our specialized equipment and tools detect hidden moisture.

Pumps and vacuums will remove standing water from basement flooding. Elsewhere on the property, water damage repair technicians deploy high-speed air movers to begin drying affected rooms and their contents.

These powerful units quickly evaporate surface-level water, offering immediate peace of mind. It’s not over, though. The next step uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers to pull out humidity, preventing swelling and warping of floors, walls and furniture.

If your home or building is damaged by water, don’t wait to call Local Clean Up Specialists 920-371-2987. Mold can grow on moisture-laden surfaces within days. Hesitation can put your property – and your health – at even greater risk.

Immediate drying and extraction is vital to water damage cleanup. Local Clean Up Specialists vows to find – and remove – every last drop.