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How to Keep Carpets Clean

An annual carpet cleaning is key to making your floor coverings look great, and last longer.

In between carpet cleaning services, a few simple steps can maintain a “just cleaned” look and feel. They aren’t expensive. Diligence, far more than money, is the operative element.

When you want a professional carpet cleaner that treats your floor coverings like its own, contact Local Clean Up Specialists, your locally-owned carpet cleaning service in Green Bay, WI.

Our team has the skill, knowledge and equipment to refresh and restore your carpeting. We hope you’ll take good care of it in between cleanings. We want to be your partner in extending your enjoyment of it as long as possible.

  • Regular vacuuming is critical. The vast majority of what we call “dirt” in carpet is literally dry soil. Vacuuming consistently – even daily, for high-traffic lanes – is the most important step to maintaining carpet.
  • Walk-off mats should be placed both outside and inside every entry. They stop most debris from going further. It’s not a bad idea to put one or two at kitchen entrances, as well, to stop liquids and food from being tracked onto carpet.
  • Spot removal is almost always successful if done quickly. Keep a spot removal product handy. Unless you know how to remove stains from carpet, catching spills early lessens the need for professional carpet cleaning.
  • Move furniture periodically to avoid carpet indentations, and change traffic patterns.

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