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At Local Cleanup Specialists we believe in providing the best and highest quality mold and mildue removal services in the Allouez, WI area. We know that when it comes to mold and mildue removal projects attention to detail matters, we do not cut corners just to get jobs done faster. We want all of our clients to have a healthy enviornment to work or live in. If you need assistance with any mold and mildue removal projects in the Allouez, WI area, please call Local Cleanup Specialists at 920-713-6286 today!
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Getting to help the Allouez, WI area cummunity with their mold and mildue removal projects is what Local Cleanup Specialists cares most about. We know the say, it is a dirty job but someone has to do it. We are proud to be that someone. We look at every mold and mildue removal project in the Allouez, WI area as if it were our own home, we always ask ourselves, would we want our families in here? If the answer is not yes then we know we have not done our job right. If you need assistance with any mold and mildue removal projects in the Allouez, WI area, please call Local Cleanup Specialists at 920-713-6286 today.
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There are a number of different methods that can be used to remove Toxic materials or mold from the contaminated area. Before beginning any mold remediation work, the area should be sealed off to prevent mold spores travelling to different areas. Mold releases spores when it is disturbed, which is why protective measures are so important during mold remediation. Wet vacuums, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums and damp wiping with disinfectant are all ways to remove mold. Finally, for porous surfaces where the mold may have infiltrated the object, it may have to be discarded.

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