Mold Remediation

The Process and Misconceptions

Mold Remediation, Yes! Mold Removal? Not So Much.

Finding mold in your home or workplace is an understandable cause for concern. Mold spores can cause an array of health issues, some serious.

It is important to understandwhat can be done about mold.

Problems start when the spores grow into colonies, which always centers around a moisture source. They show up as patches on walls, ceilings and elsewhere.

Mold can be cleaned up, and controlled. The term is “remediation”; the mold remediation professionals at Local Clean Up Specialists are experts at making mold problems a thing of the past.

Using the latest mold inspection, cleaning and remediation equipment, our technicians first determine the extent of mold contamination. They’ll identify where the moisture is coming from.

Stopping the spread of spores, using containment and negative air pressure, follows. Antifungal and microbial treatments are used to kill off, and clean up, the mold.

Our comprehensive mold remediation process disinfects and deodorizes building materials, and affected items such as glass, plastics, metal, and ceramics can usually be salavaged. Non-salvageable items are removed and safely disposed of.

Post-remediation testing measures the conditions inside your home or building against outdoor air quality standards. We aren’t satisfied until the indoor environment – and your health – are safe.

If you discover mold, Local Clean Up Specialists 920-371-2987 will handle the problem efficiently, safely and completely – and that’s the truth.