Property Clean Up

Some cleanup projects are just too big – or dangerous – to handle on your own.

Hoarding housesBiohazard situations. Cleaning up the mess from a former tenant who, intentionally or otherwise, trashed your property.

Some of these scenarios are literally dangerous. Mold, chemicals, bodily fluids, trash, vermin and worse can lurk within. In some cases, special protective clothing and breathing apparatus are needed just to enter.

Mold damage on walls

When your property cleanup requires more than a broom and dustpan, contact Local Clean Up Specialists. Our professionals have deep experience dealing with hoarding houses, crime scenes, sewage backups and any messy situation requiring specialized training and cleaning equipment.

More than a trash removal service or junk removal service, Local Clean Up Specialists will fully repair, sanitize and restore your property to a clean, livable condition. Our services are guaranteed, because we know you’ll be thrilled (and amazed) at the results.

Don’t waste time – or, worse yet, risk your health – trying to clean up a property filled with trash, or where an incident has created dangerous conditions. Let Local Clean Up Specialists do the dirty work. True, it’s often messy – but some things just aren’t worth undertaking alone.