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Restore or Replace

You’ve had smoke or fire damage. What things need to be replaced and what can be cleaned

For many people whose homes or buildings have sustained a fire, a first question is: How soon can we live in, or use, the property?

An accurate estimate is impossible immediately after a fire. The extent of damage hasn’t been determined. Next steps are critical.

Here is where the approach taken by your fire damage restoration company means everything. An inaccurate assessment will cause delays in both time and money.

The experienced professionals at Local Clean Up Specialists have evaluated dozens of fire scenes. They know the telltale signs of just how extensive damage is. It’s an expertise held only by those who have “been there, done that.”

Moreover, the fire experts at Local Clean Up Specialists seek to restore buildings and belongings. This approach minimizes costs, and expedites getting you back into your home or workplace.

The fire damage restoration process is always unique, but typically follows a prescribed set of steps. How long, or costly, that process is depends on your fire damage restoration service provider. At Local Clean Up Specialists, we never lose track of what’s most important: Getting those important questions of yours answered, as soon as absolutely possible.

You’ve had property damage due to a flood or water damage. What things need to be replaced and what can be cleaned?

At first inspection, it’s hard to tell how much of a property damaged by water can be restored. Moisture can seep deep into floors, walls and furniture. Replacement might be required.

Local Clean Up Specialists takes a “restore first” approach in Green Bay, WI. You’ve worked hard to make your home or workplace a comfortable, welcoming space. If it’s possible – and, more importantly, safe to do so – our water damage restoration will recreate this familiarity.

Regardless of the “restore or replace” decision, we’ll thoroughly clean and sanitize your property first. Sewage backups or flood waters can introduce dangerous bacteria or toxins. Our water damage cleanup technicians use professional-grade cleaning agents to fully disinfect all affected areas. Your safety is important above all else.

The next steps depend on the extent of water damage to the property. Replacing and painting drywall is typical in restoration scenarios. Carpet replacement is common, or repairing hardwood or tile floors.

If major building reconstruction is needed, Local Clean Up Specialists will work with you to remove and store belongings, and stay apprised of the project timetable.

Above all, we understand the headaches and frustration you’re experiencing at this trying time. As a locally-owned water damage company, we promise to do everything that a good neighbor should do.

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