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Shoreline Restoration

Is your shoreline damaged or eroding?

Rough winters with ice heaving or a severe summer storm can cause quite a bit of damage or flooding to a shoreline. We can help save your property in Northwest Wisconsin.

At Local Cleanup Specialists we will walk the property with you and find out the look you are going for whether it is just a simple quarry rock to shore up your waterfront or a nice clean river rock to give your property waterfront curb appeal.

We source our materials from local sand and gravel quarries to save you money. With these materials we will create you a rock wall type seawall.

We can raise the grade of your property and/or build berms to stop and prevent future flooding or damage.

To find out more please call us at 920-371-2987

Don’t waste time or, worse yet, risk your property. Let Local Clean Up Specialists do the dirty work.

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