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Tile and Grout

Tile and grout are among your home’s favorite hangouts for uninvited visitors – and little wonder why.

Tile and grout are often in rooms with high moisture levels. Grout, being porous, retains moisture. The environment is ideal for growing mold, which can threaten your health.

Bacteria and mildew love the same conditions. It’s a veritable germ-fest in your bathroom, shower or kitchen.

Obviously, it’s important to clean tile and grout. This doesn’t mean you want to do it, though. The job isn’t fun. It’s typically done sporadically, if at all.

If this sounds like you, contact Local Clean Up Specialists, your expert tile and grout cleaning service in Green Bay, WI. Using specialized high-pressure steam equipment, our tile and grout cleaning technicians will leave these surfaces sparkling … and you smiling.

Not all tile is the same. Our trained, certified cleaners know the differences between materials, and use the appropriate cleaning agents and methods. We clean both homes and commercial buildings.

Our services are guaranteed. Your tile and grout will be so clean that you might think it’s brand new. One thing’s for sure: Any previously uninvited visitors will be long, long gone.

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