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Water & Sewer Damage

Water is essential to life. Yet, it can be incredibly destructive to homes, buildings and belongings.

Serious water damage can occur quickly in Green Bay, WI. Heavy rains cause basement flooding. A falling tree tears opens the roof in a storm. Firefighters extinguish a blaze, leaving a sodden mess. A dishwasher or water heater leaks for days before discovery.

Time is of the essence in water damage restoration and repair.

Water & Sewer Damage

Local Clean Up Specialists, your locally-owned water damage company, knows the importance of drying the premises before mold or further structural damage sets in. We’ll respond within an hour of your call 920-371-2987.

Our water damage restoration service is a multi-step process. Identifying and stopping the water source is first. Complete drying and water extraction follows.

Next is sanitizing to remove any contaminants. We’ll take away any belongings destroyed by water containing dangerous bacteria or viruses. Repairing or replacing walls, flooring, carpeting or other materials follows.

Our goal is to remove all evidence of water damage, and return your property to its former self, ASAP.

Eliminating all moisture is a critical part of the water damage cleanup process and time is of the essence. As essential as water is, we will pinpoint it to the damaged areas of your property.

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